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Palestine on the Intersection of the International struggles

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After the alarming decline of the status of Palestine and its positive image in the international scene ‎of struggle for justice, rights, equity and even its complete absence after the ominous Oslo ‎Accords, the “Popular Movement for Secular Democratic State in Palestine” participated in a in the ‎artistic evening on the stage of the “Commune Theatre” in Aubervilliers France, on April 17th, expressing the convergence and ‎intersection of all struggles.

The Palestinian solidarity with the railway workers in France against the ‎policies of privatization was an opportunity to rebuild the Palestinian solidarity rails with the ‎international struggle against the capitalist policies, imperialism, racism, Islamophobia, homophobia, misogyny. ‎

‎ This theater is a place of all forms of theatrical, poetic, musical, political and philosophical ‎expressions. This theater is marked by philosopher Alain Badiou’s seminars.‎