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The Syrian revolution is part of a global, radical push for freedom that cannot be suppressed – ignore it at your peril, writes Salameh Kaileh.


Syria and the revolution against the world

14 December, 2016 – Comment: The Syrian revolution is part of a global, radical push for freedom that cannot be suppressed – ignore it at your peril, writes Salameh Kaileh.

Assad’s ‘war’ against the Islamic State group in Syria

14 September, 2015 – Comment: The Syrian regime claims to be fighting the IS group, when in reality it is using it to destroy the Syrian revolution, argues Salameh Kaileh.

The Syrian regime is slowly being liquidated

22 May, 2015 – Comment: Is there a reason for the slow elimination of leading figures in the Syrian regime, asks Salameh Kaileh.

A message to Iran: ‘The revolution is coming’

14 May, 2015Comment: Iran is beginning to see signs of revolt. From the poorest to the middle classes, Iranians are no longer tolerating the regime, says Salameh Kaileh.

Once again, what’s the solution in Syria?

17 April, 2015 – Comment: Any solution that does not start with the removal of Assad and his power in Syria will most certainly fail, writes Salameh Kaileh.

From intervention to regional war

07 April, 2015 – Comment: Iran and Saudi Arabia have intervened in a number of conflicts as they seek to extend their interests. The conditions are there for a regional war, says Salameh Kaileh.

Four difficult and revolutionary years in Syria

20 March, 2015 – Comment: The last four years have transformed Syria and Syrian society completely. There can be no going back.

Turkey’s delusion in the great game of Syria

21 January, 2015 – Ankara is deluding itself that the current US involvement in the war against the IS might serve its interests.

The war on terror redux

17 January, 2015 – The attacks in Paris have brought the war on terror back in a new guise. It will only serve to further undermine what the Arab revolutions tried to accomplish.

Syria needs more than just a new regime

10 January, 2015 – The rise of extremism and sectarianism means that the fall of Assad is now not enough to build a better Syria – revolutionaries need to reject hateful ideologies to realise their original goals of freedom and democracy.

A fate worse than Assad

08 January, 2015 – The original Syrian revolutionaries wanted freedom and an end to grinding poverty. Four years later, groups such as the IS, who rule with a warped religious ideology, are the only apparent alternative to Assad.

Tunisia’s Popular Front has eaten itself

19 December, 2014 – Once Tunisia’s main opposition, the left-wing Popular Front has allowed the re-emergence of the old regime in its attempts to curtail Ennhadha – so much so that it now backs former Ben Ali stooge Beji Caid Essebsi for president.

US policy toward Syria has always been clear

22 November, 2014 – The US has disappointed many with its Syria policy over the last four years. No one should expect more in the latest round of Islamic State-driven US diplomacy.