One Secular Democratic State

Statement of the Group for One Secular Democratic State
OSDS regarding the events in Gaza

The Group for One Secular Democratic State OSDS of Palestine is deeply worried about the deterioration of the situation in the Gaza area, which is the direct result of the inhuman and prolonged siege by Israel, and the merciless oppression resulting from this violent incarceration of millions Palestinians. Also we condemns the campaigns of brutal arrests and repression, the raiding of houses, the terrorizing of demonstrators, the shooting of heads and the blatant assault against all citizens, men, elderly, women, children, intellectuals, politicians and professionals committed by the Hamas security forces in the Gaza Strip against the peaceful popular movement that started on Thursday March 14 against the deterioration of living and economic conditions, high prices, increased taxes, electricity crisis, shortage of medicines and worsening unemployment and poverty.

The Group declares its complete and permanent rejection of all authoritarian tyrannical practices of the fictitious authority in both Gaza and the West Bank. We also alarm our people in the Gaza Strip about the conspiracies of the of occupation partners – in its siege of the Gaza Strip as a punishment of the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip – in their attempts to derail this popular movement and impose the tyrannical authority of surrender, that exists in Ramallah, on Gaza. There is no contradiction between the right to a decent life and the right to resist occupation. The contradiction is between the Palestinian people on the one side and the authorities in Ramallah and Gaza, ie, Hamas and Fatah, which are fighting against each other to control a fictitious authority that does not have its own independent political, economic or logistical decision. This has turned them into oppressive, repressive forces living parasitic on the plundering of society and manipulating its interests, which they claim falsely to represent.

The OSDS supports all the righteous demands of the popular movement of the Palestinian people. We condemn all forms of oppression and call Hamas to withdraw its security forces and militants from the streets and squares of the Gaza Strip and demand the immediate and unconditional release of all detainees. We call Hamas to apologize for these practices, and stop all forms of trade manipulations and taxes on goods, to penalize all those involved in the attack on demonstrators and civilians whoever they were.

We also call our people to struggle for our right to live and struggle for our complete national rights, to overcome the harsh reality of the settlement agreements, and the fictitious limited self-governance in the West Bank and Gaza, which are – after the occupation – also responsible for the current situation. Both, the “solution” of surrender and the absurd populist resistance that does not serve our national issues, lead us to a stalemate that violates the basic rights of the Palestinian people in their daily life, including the right to express their free opinion, to protest, and to liberate themselves and their land. Both Palestinian Leaderships must be held the political and moral responsibility for the derailment and defeats of our case, and therefore the Palestinian people inside and outside the homeland must stand one hand against the violations and deviations practiced by Fatah and Hamas leaderships.
We greet the movement of the Palestinian people against injustice, tyranny and oppressive regimes in Ramallah and Gaza and against the Israeli occupation, and assert this legitimate right to oppose these regimes by all means. We call on all the Palestinian people to strike on Wednesday and Thursday, as a first step to restore the authority of the people in both Gaza and Ramallah because we will not count on any party which does not orient its struggle towards a one state on the whole Palestinian land where values of freedom, justice and equality of all citizens dominate.
The Groupe for the One Secular and Democratic State”