One Secular Democratic State

The OSDS-Palestine group invites you to an evening of debate on the issue of the Unique State

The Palestinian political scene has for many years (after the end of the disillusionment of the so-called “peace process” and after the resounding collapse of the “two-state solution”) witnessed the emergence of several initiatives to the crisis of the Palestinian national movement, caused mainly by the Oslo Accords.
These initiatives are unified around the idea of ​​a necessary return to the original Palestinian strategy for the creation of a single state on the land of historic Palestine, but they offer different interpretations in their perceptions of the content of this state.
To deepen the debate and reveal the points of difference between these different approaches and to discuss how best to spread the idea of ​​a single state and to bring about a change in the awareness of the Palestinian and international public On this central issue, the evening organized by the OSDS group, will welcome Mr. Awad Abdel Fattah, former Secretary General of the “National Democratic Rally Party” and one of the founders of the “Campaign for a unique democratic state in Palestine “.
Date: Thursday 28 November 2019 between 19h and 21h30
Place: House of the Associative and Citizen Life of the 13th
11 Rue Caillaux, 75013 Paris
Subway: White House / Line 7
(France Palestine Paris South-Red Hall B)