One Secular Democratic State

Communiqué of the Group “Palestine, Secular and Unique Democratic State”

Through the “Deal of the Century”, the American administration, Israel and the Arab regimes seek to strike a fatal blow to the Palestinian national question. This attempt at liquidation became possible, not only thanks to the combination of regional and international conditions, but also thanks to the presence of other Palestinian conditions; the most important being the adoption of a “two-state” “solution”. In reality, this is only a deviation on the part of the PLO concerning its founding objectives: the creation of a Secular and Democratic Palestinian State over all of historic Palestine.

Indeed, the “Deal of the century” is the natural continuation of the sinister “Oslo agreements”, these supposed agreements, which never established the “falsely promised” State and which never put an end to the settlement colonization. On the other hand, these agreements did one thing: the continuation and strengthening of colonization; never has so much Palestinian land been confiscated and the city of Jerusalem so Judaized, while forcibly evicting its Palestinian residents.

The Oslo Accords, on the other hand, have definitively ratified, during its almost 25 years, the foundations of the apartheid regime and the creation of Palestinian “Bantustans”, separated from each other. In order to effectively confront the “Deal of the century”, it is now imperative to get rid of the illusions of Oslo and its “two-state solution”.

These illusions are, in part, responsible for the acceleration of the Zionist colonial project in unparalleled comfort. An occupation that has no economic consequences for the occupier, which is further protected by the “occupied” police forces thanks to the security aspects of the Oslo agreements.

It is, and has always been, apartheid and ethnic cleansing, taking place in total impunity, under the guise of endless negotiations.

The “two-state solution” is also responsible for a serious deterioration in the unity of the Palestinian people, which is dividing it into separate groups. The principle of return is an essential element of this unity.

The adoption of this “solution” also led to the real recognition of the legitimacy of the existence of Israel as an exclusively Jewish state, on 78% of historic Palestine. This recognition also entails de facto the abandonment of the right of refugees to return to their homes, as well as to deny the racist and segregationist colonial character of the State of Israel. As for the shrinking of Palestine to 22% in this “solution”, the Palestinians, outside these territories, have been excluded from their Palestinian affiliation.

Thus, the program for building a “Palestinian state”, based on a two-state solution, has above all resulted in the weakening of the Palestinian discourse claiming the inalienable historic rights of the Palestinians on their land. This is therefore an implicit recognition of the Zionist narrative and opposing this agreement can only be effective if we first get rid of the illusions of the solution. to two states, this implies the abandonment of misleading vocabularies such as “independence” and “occupation” as they refer only to the political fate of the occupied Palestinian territories after the war of June 1967.

“Independence”, according to the Oslo Accords, represents above all the independence of “a puppet state” which does not go beyond the reality of a self-administered entity, without the least attributes of sovereignty. As for the emphasis placed on the occupation after the war of June 1967, it is essentially a question of ignoring the colonial reality of the Zionist project, initiated at the beginning of the 20th century, and whose violence was expressed at the time of the mass exile of the Palestinians following the Nakba in 1948, preceding the creation of the State of Israel. This is settlement colonialism which continued during the war of June 1967.

The Palestinian national struggle for freedom and for self-determination is a fight against the Zionist colonial project on the whole of Palestine. A struggle to disarm Zionist colonialism, a step towards the construction of a democratic, secular state of citizenship on the land of historic Palestine.

In the Oslo Accords, the renunciation of 78% of the land of historic Palestine represents the prelude to the demand made in the Deal of the Century: the Palestinians must now give up 88% of historic Palestine. Indeed, the administration-state [the Palestinian Authority], under-occupation, created by Oslo, was supposed to govern a Bantustan extended on 22% of Palestine, while the Deal of the Century proposes, today, a so-called state made up of several separate Bantustans, over 12% of historic Palestine.

  • We call on the friends of Palestine in France to renounce the slogans of a “two-state solution” and all its annexes and vocabularies because the realization of the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people requires redefining the terms of the struggle against the colonial Zionist project as a whole. Beyond the stillborn character of the chimerical two-state project, it is urgent to mobilize: to refuse the Deal of the Century must go through the rejection of the “Oslo Agreement”, the fruit of the Israeli imperialist vision. US. Without the Oslo Accords, the Deal of the Century would never have existed.
  • Let’s fight together the “Deal of the Century” and all the colonialist and Zionist plans which want to liquidate Palestine;
  • Let’s fight for the return of all the Palestinian refugees and for the restitution of their property looted since 1948;
  • Let’s fight against the policy of Zionist apartheid, ethnic cleansing and the colonization of Zionist settlement;
  • Let’s fight for Palestine, a single secular and democratic state, a state of citizenship and equality. A state of impartiality, of neutrality with regard to all religious denominations.